Dark Wolf Visuals has collaborated with Murata on a larger number of projects to help promote and explain their new technologies across a range of their corporate sectors. As many of these solutions are still in production, it required a more in-depth approach to brainstorming and storyboarding to make sure the final vision could be fully conveyed. These explainer movies have been used across campaigns and roadshows to showcase these new products and technologies.

Murata Logo


Many of the technologies and solutions Murata offer work across multiple industries. This meant that we had to approach the movie creation with an element of fluidity. Some of the larger movies needed to be able to be split into smaller sub-movies, ans some needed to be more generic so that additional movies could be made and linked to them. These movies also had to run alongside a voice over, so timing was essential in making sure text overlays and images matched what was being said.

RFID-Data Applications

RFID-Data Applications - Retail Specific


To help convey the benefits of the technolgies and to emphasise the key messaging, in scene graphic overlays and text are used to enhance specific areas of the video.


Sticking to branding and style guides is an essential practice for all well-known companies. For the RFID movie Murata had already created some infographics that they wanted us to style the movie on. This meant re-creating the look of the graphic in 3D, matching the cartoon style with the isometric view and also how the movie moved between each section. This also meant the style could be matched when future videos were created for different sectors.


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