Murata, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic components, use Dark Wolf Visuals services regularly to generate stills and movies for promotion of their latest technologies. In this example, we were tasked with generating images and movies to promote their chipsets, modules and the chipboards they are used on. They needed some detailed shots of these products and due to their minute nature the best option was to create these models in 3D for rendering.

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Creating and rendering the products in 3D meant that the images can be kept consistent, as the same studio lighting, camera angle and product positioning could be kept exactly the same for each product shot. This would be extremely useful for Murata as they could drop images into there design brochures without having to change layout. As some products would also come in as prototypes it meant changes could be made to textures and layout and the and the product could be re-rendered with quick turn around.


In addition to the stills for each product Murata wanted an accompanying 360 render. This allowed the products to be analysed at high resolution, where products that were only mms across would be a struggle to be seen by the human eye, these 360s gave an unparalled view of the product to help promote key features.


Another benefit of having the products modeled in 3D was that we could create accompanying explainer and promotional movies for any of the modules and  chipsets. Having the majority of the assets we need to put these movies together, makes the process a lot smoother and cost effective for both parties.

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